Sunday, October 28, 2018

Learned to read at 4 and never stopped.
Became a legal aid lawyer and law professor.
Loved friends and Paris.
Married at 47.
Wrote, always.

Susan, age 65

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Watched a Voodoo ceremony on New year's Eve in Rio.
Served on the backup recovery ship for Apollo 8.
Prayed at the Wall in Jerusalem. 
Taught elementary school for 32 years.
Gave my life to Jesus Christ at 33 yrs. old.

Eric. age 71


Went to Expo'67 with my Girl Scout Troop #9.
1969: Accepted Jesus and watched the moon landing LIVE.
Rode around Lake Michigan on my bicycle.
Raised 3 daughters to know and follow Jesus.
Walked where Jesus walked in Israel.

Janet, age 63


I was always poor no matter how much/smart/hard I worked.
I defended myself from the American government terrorism. 
I was a proud migrant farmer sex worker.
I try to unionize every community to decolonize.
I loved in preparation of death as liberty from suffering.

Layla, age 25


I have been to 25 States including Alaska.
Me and my Dad once got into a physical confrontation where we punched each other till we cried.
I called a kid in my class a cunt and he tried to beat me up until I popped him in the lip.
I hide my true emotions with either humor or anger.

Jack, age 17


I sail traditional sailing vessels.
I have Beatlemania.
I have prevented the suicide of three friends.
I have contemplate suicide.
I have one tattoo, a pig and rooster on my feet.

Quinn, age 23


Realized not to trust by age three.
Mom couldn't stop, so she ended things.
Got anxiety and experimenting.
Born a girl and became the man I'm meant to be.
Left treatment yet my mind still haunts me.

Aidan, age 17


Visited my father in prison for the first ten years of my life.
Found happiness in hiking mountains.
Watched my sister get married to her true love.
Learned to accept myself.
Kept in contact and always share with one true friend.

Andre, age 22


Lost children.
Became a drunk for 15 years.
Learn to web design while being a drunk.
Married/separated stopped being a drunk.
Changed my life. One friend can save a life.

Moonz, age 38


Was first in my family to go to college.
Live with depression and anxiety.
I have two bachelor degrees.
I am marrying the love of my life.
I understood.

Ashleigh, age 25


Left home @ 1 month old.
Moved cross country w/o a plan.
Rode my bike at lot.
Had a perfect baby.
Smoked pot but didn't inhale.

M, age 34


I was bullied as a child with no recourse.
I found myself in my tenor voice and sports.
Law school pointed me in the wrong direction.
I taught third grad for twenty-five years.
I volunteered to help my community grow.

Frank, age 75


I gave birth 5 times.
I have learned to love myself at 55.
I have truly fought to listen to my feelings.
I no longer think of my mother and father.
I have a dog who enjoys the day as much as I do.

Janna, age 55


I jumped from a pier.
I got Bnllebjorn and Bibbi (teddybears.)
I go to dance school.
I lost a tooth.
I don't like Donald Trump.

Johanne, age 7


I have been to Maryland and Delaware.
I had a smoothie at Home Depot and it was yummy.
I'm shy.
I love Japanese food.
I would like to name a dog 'Rover'.

Vivienne, age 5 

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


I birthed a cow.
I slept through Woodstock.
I helped define the word 'Psychedelic' in the American Heritage Dictionary.
I burned my bra.

-Jody, age 65

Thursday, June 21, 2018


Born in a home for unwed mothers in 1946.
Docked sheep with my teeth.
Spent my 18th, 19th, and 20th birthdays in Vietnam.
Found the love of my life at age 40.
Caught a 52" Muskie last week.

Paul, age 65

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Witnessed a large bird flying frantically into the ground until he died.
Cried while walking around the O'Hare Airport in a sea foam green sparkling prom dress.
Lived in an amusement park for a summer.
Went to Italy twice.
Moved to Portland Oregon without a job or apartment, having never been there before.

Jamie, age 30


Lived with an Aboriginal tribe in outback Australia.
Paddled a dugout canoe down the Sepik River in Papua new Guinea with a cannibal guide.
Rode a motorcycle across India.
Opened a collective Art studio on New Zealand.
Built a wooden house on the back of a 1948 truck and toured the West coast with it (still on the road and still touring.)



When I was young I received my first camera. It was an exact replica of She-Ra's pink castle and took 110 film. I would save one week's allowance to buy film, and the next week's to develop the film. I always got doubles for some reason. I styled my Barbie dolls by chopping their hair and re-purposing their skirts for head-wear. Carefully placing them in around my yard, I cropped in close to give the viewer the feeling that Barbie was in the jungle, swimming in a pool, laying in the sand...
I held my Grandmother's hand and was singing Poison's "Talk Dirty to Me" (a favorite song of hers) while she took her last breath.
I contracted Lyme disease. It has become chronic but I cannot find a doctor to treat me, as the disease is controversial. Some days I cannot walk.
I became an obsessive technology uber geek. I used to think computers were the devil, and reading Sylvia Plath 24/7 was where it was at.

Jamie, age 31

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


I built my own home.
I served my nation with pride.
I take care of and care for my mother.
I have the book of Kells etched on my chest. (1:John:1)
I collected....and collected...and collected.

-John age 58


I fell asleep on the pink parlor sofa to the sounds of laughter and card playing.
I sat on an open tail gate while dust devils rose like burning flames fueled by our tail lights.
I scratched chigger bites on my panty line after chasing fireflies on the lawn.
I waded through cat tails and sticky mud to float the red Cimarron river.
I lit sparklers and signed my name in the warm summers' night air.

Sharon, age 46


Danced in my undies on a city street.
Spat in someone's coffee because they asked for a more attractive waitress.
Stood on a glass and broke it into my foot.
Climbed up 1000 steps to watch the sun set from a fort.
Bake a killer New York cheesecake.


Monday, June 18, 2018


I drifted under the Bridge of Sighs.
I was carried out of a burning building.
I sang with my grandfather in the church choir.
I took my daughter to Paris.
I ditched the Jr. High field trip to flirt with Soviet sailors.

Lauren, age 57


I have done yoga on a skyscraper in NYC at sunrise.
I have swam underneath a sea turtle on black sands beaches in Hawaii.
I have smoked meth with a one eyed drug dealer in San Felipe, Mexico.
I have seen ghosts of cows in an old creamery building.
I have hiked thru bamboo forests outside of Kyoto, Japan.

Luke, age 29


I dyed my pubic hair pink.
I drank Presidente in the back of a tiny pickup truck on the way to a waterfall in the Doninican Republic.
I filleted a Mahi Mahi on the deck of a tall ship with my pocket knife.
I skinned a blackbird.
I did just fine.

Isabella, age 20

Sunday, June 17, 2018


Went on tour with 6 other girls, a film crew and a rock band and performed on big stages - as the main attraction for 3 months.
Developed a panic Disorder at the age of 11.
Won awards for my work and was published many times.
Worked as a peep show girl in an adult club that was part video store
Got married.

London, age 34


Born and lived in Africa.
Met and married Peter.
Traveled across the Sahara Desert.
Had three outstanding kids.
Thrived after third bone marrow transplant.

and that's not all......................................

Clare, age 57


Found a baby squirrel in Milwaukee and brought him home to Chicago.
Slept overnight in a cemetery in Buffalo NY.
Punched my hand through a window.
Was in a baking competition on a TV show and lost.
Fell in love with a man who is a word wizard.

Sarah, age 24

Saturday, June 16, 2018


I served two tours in South Vietnam as a Marine.
I hitchhiked from New York to California and back.
I was featured in a Sports Illustrated article on championship Scrabble.
I got Rousseau's The Dream tattooed on my back.
I marched in the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade as Pinhead from "Hellraiser".

Richie, age 64


From my tree house, I dropped a lunchbox full of rocks on the neighbor girl's head.
I watched a plane hit the world trade center -- and then watched the towers fall.
I taught grade school kids about "managing emotions" using a puppet show.
I loved (and still love) with relish, zest and gusto.
I lied.

Jen, age 41

Friday, June 15, 2018


I found out I was special, (my grandmother told me so.)
In 1998 I fell in love with a horse named Shilah.
I was raised singing.
I met the love of my life a 45.
I was a late bloomer.

Judi, age 70


I was a sperm donor.
I stopped a crime.
I moonlit as a private detective.
I spent the summer in a fleabag hotel with criminals and runaways.
I helped my Dad.

-Tom age 53


I was the mother of 3 children.
I graduated Simmons College in 1932.
I loved devotedly.
I lost my mother at a young age.
I crossed the century mark.

Elinore, age 101


I became a Nun but after 5 years I moved on.
I became a professional Belly Dancer until the knees gave out.
I became a mother and learned to let my child go her own way.
I became an artist who worked with prisoners.
I continue becoming a human being.

Jan, age 68

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Made incredible love in the rain up against a VW van.
Have seen the sunset over Big Sur.
Gave birth to an amazing boy.
Held the hand and heart of a dying man.
Felt whole again in the ocean.

Cj, age 35


I saw the Northern Lights.
I jumped out of a plane.
My daughter and I watched the sunset from the Ice Hotel.
I ran away to sail from Turkey to the Greek Isles.
I saw my girls riding their horses on the beach.

Thea, age forty something

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


My Grandmother was nothing but hateful and abusive toward me. When she died I had to "fake" cry because inside I was very glad.
From 7 years old on I was alone each day for 12+ hours. I am shocked, looking back that I was never abducted or molested. Many days were absolute fun, because I was like a pirate-child, free to maraud my town endlessly.
When I was 20 I dated an New York stage actor. A few years later our romance was a distant memory and I was watching TV with my new husband when my old actor boyfriend popped up in a hemorrhoids treatment TV commercial. It was hilarious, but I had to keep it to myself, because my new husband was crazy-jealous.
I have had chronic depression all my life, but studying art in a very serious manner has helped me enormously and I currently feel the best I ever have.
I have a talent for writing backwards and I can imitate a barking dog, very realistically.

Maya, age 61

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Jeen Na

In fourth grade I gave mouth to mouth to my dead hamster.
I've been on my own since I was 16.
I called in a Black Hawk helicopter
I survived war twice.
I woke up from a coma.

Jeen Na, age 28


I returned to Judaism and davened a High Holy Days Service.
I became a certified Texas peace officer at 38 years old.
I fell in love with mariachi music all over again.
I lost my mother in 21 March 2011 and my father Feb 4, 1993 and my stepfather October 8, 2010
I have never noticed how intense the colors of a Central Texas Spring were before and how much I have wanted to do with this life now that it appears time for me to leave it and go onward to new adventures in the life after this...

Joe, age 62


I took the band 'THE GUESS WHO' to the laundromat in my 2 seat Honda CRX.
I played with a wild monkey in Mexico and let it teeth on my hand.
I met and became friends with Dr. Ala Bashir.
I achieved my life's goals of becoming a mother and professional artist.
I Live to Love others.

Kim, age 49

Monday, June 11, 2018


At a very young age of 6 or 7, jumped off a 10 ft tower at a swimming pool and loved the thrill which started me on my life of roller coaster, exciting rides and thrills, and best of all the skyjump in New Zealand.
Turned my wild life around at 15 with a geometry class when the teacher started to challenge me with math problems that I always solved, and I ended up with an average of 110, which started me on a college bound life in the sciences and math.
Met my "soul mate" in 1962 while in Europe but didn't reconnect until 2009.
Married someone I didn't love and knew it, but married him anyway. It did end.
Privilege of being the only person to get evicted from a York, ME campground after being there for 15 years, but which ended up being a blessing in disguise.

JoJo, age 70


Swam to San Francisco from Alcatraz.
Taught East Oakland students how to write essays for college.
Birthed two boy humans.
Ate pomegranates.
Went crazy.

Libby, age 41

Sunday, June 10, 2018


Traveled the world alone for 3 months.
Omitted several truths from my parents.
Slept with a stranger in a photo-booth.
Exhibited paintings in the National Gallery.
Stole a bottle of scotch.

Kat, age 21


Grew up with two conflicting cultures, neither of which is completely my own.
Seen Mao's preserved corpse.
Touched a Gauguin in a museum when no one was looking.
Backpacked through South East Asia looking for adventure with limited success.
Fallen in and out of love to the point where it doesn't seem worthwhile anymore.

Andrew, age 24

Friday, June 8, 2018


I was rejected from The Peace Corps.
I had a face-lift.
I shared a birthday.
I sang professionally.
I married and remarried.

Ben, age 64

Thursday, May 3, 2018




I acted recklessly in my youth, and still enjoy the memories.
I grew up poor, and pulled myself out of poverty through education.
I had a daughter, who grew to be a good person.
I traveled the world and found myself.
I found love and peace.



I know the only thing you need to do is keep going...
I had two amazing children when told I couldn't
I survived a cancer diagnosis when told I wouldn't
I attend college in my fifties when told I shouldn't
I am living proof odds are meaningless - forget them.

Karen, age 54

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Shoveled snow, cleaned out garages and barns, mowed lawns, raked leaves, delivered newspapers, had a vegetable garden and worked at the local grocery store through graduation from high school.
Failed out of college at 19 and explored careers in metalworking tool and die making, auto repair, computer programing, bagel bakery management, organic farming, blown plastic film, plastic injection molding and created and ran a batik and tie dye business for about 6 years.
Returned to college between 30-35 for my BA in Mechanical Engineering, moved to ME in 1990 permanently after visiting for decades, and have worked for the last 28 years for an engineering consulting firm specializing in renewable energy.
Bought my first home at 50, got married for the first time at 59, and never wanted or had any children - we're the kids of our home!
Learned to grow cannabis in 2017 under Maine's recreational cannabis program and discovered we have a real understanding and talent here - currently planning for retirement focused on organic gardening in 2020.