Sunday, March 18, 2012


I have lived in the same house I was born in since 1947, was raised there by my grandmother who was super strict and spanked me until I was 21.
I have never drank or smoked, did not date until I was 32 and did not have sexual intercourse until I was married at age 36.
I have held the same job which I started the day after High School graduation for 47 years.
I walked nude down a European gay beach in front of at least 500 nude men at age 28 on a dare from my girl friends who would not accompany me.
I did it to shock my grandmother who was furious when we told her.
I have modeled in the nude dozens of times starting at age 40 for art classes, artists, and photographers to boost my self image. I still do it as often as I can and enjoy every opportunity. Things work out in the end.

Siobhan age 65

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