Thursday, March 1, 2012


Devoting myself to learning/understanding/knowing Spiritual Mastery (14 years strong and still evolving).
"Ethically" sold crack (never trying it or using it myself, no first time users allowed - no getting non-users hooked, no custy's under 18 y.o., no pregnant women sold to, no fake placebos offered) for over 3 years full-time and thankfully never got caught (yeah, I know, it's fucked up but, I was young and ignorant at the time).
Quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey (7 years no cigarettes!)
Was a uber-prolific youth activist (from 19 y.o. - 26 y.o.) and was actively responsible for being a founding member of numerous Youth committees/sub-committees throughout Toronto/GTA (many of which are still active today).
All voluntary, and yet I still didn't/have not 'sold-out' to any of the so called "PTB", and remained committed to being of service to truly helping especially the marginalized.
Created own, unique, one of a kind brand (and possibly even genre) of poetry.

C, age 42 years young

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