Monday, March 26, 2012


My Grandmother was nothing but hateful and abusive toward me. When she died I had to "fake" cry because inside I was very glad.
From 7 years old on I was alone each day for 12+ hours. I am shocked, looking back that I was never abducted or molested. Many days were absolute fun, because I was like a pirate-child, free to maraud my town endlessly.
When I was 20 I dated an New York stage actor. A few years later our romance was a distant memory and I was watching TV with my new husband when my old actor boyfriend popped up in a hemorrhoids treatment TV commercial. It was hilarious, but I had to keep it to myself, because my new husband was crazy-jealous.
I have had chronic depression all my life, but studying art in a very serious manner has helped me enormously and I currently feel the best I ever have.
I have a talent for writing backwards and I can imitate a barking dog, very realistically.

Maya, age 61

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