Sunday, March 18, 2012


At a very young age of 6 or 7, jumped off a 10 ft tower at a swimming pool and loved the thrill which started me on my life of roller coaster, exciting rides and thrills, and best of all the skyjump in New Zealand.
Turned my wild life around at 15 with a geometry class when the teacher started to challenge me with math problems that I always solved, and I ended up with an average of 110, which started me on a college bound life in the sciences and math.
Met my "soul mate" in 1962 while in Europe but didn't reconnect until 2009.
Married someone I didn't love and knew it, but married him anyway. It did end.
Privilege of being the only person to get evicted from a York, ME campground after being there for 15 years, but which ended up being a blessing in disguise.

JoJo, age 70

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