Monday, January 16, 2012


I have been humbled by the faith and perseverance of a refugee family from Rwanda whose education in their homeland was discounted by ours, but rather than sulk, they sucked it up, started from scratch and began again.
I have learned what it is to "live on hope" from a homeless woman who spends all of her monthly disability check on bus fare and living in shelters or on the street, chasing a lover she's only known over the phone.
I have accepted the invitation into the sacred space of numerous people's lives to stand vigil with them at the bedside of loved ones as they draw their last breath.
I have become close friends with a few certifiably sane folks, sitting around a table every other Friday for several years, in a donut shop owned and operated by Boat People from Cambodia who've made it big selling hole-y food.
I've lived in the Valley, worked on the stage, owned a restaurant/catering service, been editor of a magazine, taught school, and graduated from seminary at age 50 only to learn that life has just begun!

Janice, age 56

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  1. Iknow Janice age56 personally.through family,pastor & friend .She is an extrodinary human being.she's an understander of all types of peopleAND A GIVER. i love her for all that she is and aspires to be.she does not judge people rather envelopes them in her loving cacoon.~~gina price