Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I am 53 and have kept a daily journal since 7th grade(1977)
Since age 18-50 i was in some sort of mental institution 34 times and one nursing home.
One state mental facility there was an art dept. (i might mention i was there 1yr) out of bordom i checked it out. much to my surprise i became an artist in my own right.
I have sold 6 originals and countless #'s of prints.
I co-founded & establish a mental health organization to educate,train and empower the mentally challenged w/bi-polar disorder,schizophernia,depression and schizoffective disorder. It's called Advocates of Abilene,inc.we apply for grants. The first year we recieved a $15,000--7yrs later we are recieving 3 grants>$60,000,25,000,15,000 grant.

Gina, age 53

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