Thursday, June 28, 2012


I've had group-therapy for almost 7 years (since 2006) and haven't progressed at all.
I have spent 7 years on a 5 year-high school education because there was no help for kids like me at the time. There still isn't.
My father and I had a car accident which was not our fault according to the police and the victim's family, even though I asked for a detour. I still feel guilty after 4 years and no closure.
I proposed to an older guy (26) December last year, while I was still in a destructive relationship, he said yes and we're getting married over a year.
I have prevented several suicide attempts by friends, yet I am still contemplating my own.

Soraya, age 19

Monday, June 25, 2012

Jo Anne

Held my first art exhibition in the Castella de Spannochia, Italy.
Rode a gold tandem bike up along the Hudson pier, through Manhattan, and across the Brooklyn Bridge--in the rain.
Almost burned down the university's art annex. (six fire trucks later no one was hurt except the welding table)
Started a dance party on the lightrail in Milan.
Dated my best friend even when everyone told me not to. best friend of 6 years, boyfriend of exactly 1.

Jo Anne,  age 25


I thought I was smarter than my parents, so I married a rebel and kept his secrets.
I bore a child. I lost a child. I bore another child. These three children taught me who I really was.
I left my husband because I needed to breathe again. I’m still learning how.
I met a man who made me feel like a queen, for just one night. It broke my heart, but it was worth it.
I told the truth.

Suzanne, 46

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bonnie Jean

My father died the Christmas I was 12.
I was secretly married when I was 18 and I kept that secret for 20 years.
I started university when I was 32 and earned 2 degrees in 41/2 years, while I was a single parent.
At age 51 I drove across North America by myself with 2 Bichon Frises dogs (23,000kms) and 3 months later I got safely home. I slept several nights in my minivan.
When I was 60 I married a woman. We are still together.

Bonnie Jean, age 65


I drifted under the Bridge of Sighs.
I was carried out of a burning building.
I sang with my grandfather in the church choir.
I took my daughter to Paris.
I married the right man.

Lauren, age 50


I learned to be more patient, and through that I learned how to breathe.
I found that letting go is necessary.
I traveled to all four corners of the world.
I tried to learn Japanese. I'm still trying.
I fell in love.

Chelsea, age 22

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I was a sperm donor.
I stopped a crime.
I moonlit as a private detective.
I spent the summer in a fleabag hotel with criminals and runaways.
I helped my Dad.

-Tom age 53

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I made a painting of some trash in 2007. 
I made a painting of the edge of the trash painting hanging on the wall named it after a sentence from the dictionary illustrating one meaning of the word 'thing'. 
This was 2008 and a little later I made a painting of the second painting in front of a window and then I did it again. 
In 2009 I made a cake that looked like the second painting. 
And then we ate it and our tongues were eerily dyed black and purple from all the food coloring I had to use.

Carey, age 30


I took care of my father until he passed away from lung cancer.
I told my father I would see him on the other side of the moon.
I've had three miscarriages.
I fell in love with my best friend and his three children.
I got convicted of a felony that I was (set up) to do.)

Angela, age 28 

Monday, June 11, 2012


Traveled the world with my family, having the best childhood I could have asked for.
Let good friendships fall apart, but blamed fate. In fact it was just that I didn't fight hard enough for them.
Had a total identity crisis when I moved away from home for the first time.
Let myself lose control of what I want to please a man multiple times. One of the most destructive and damaging things I have learnt, is that I do it to myself. I am not the girl with no backbone, but lust fades out the reality I like to feel so in touch with. It was like getting high on thoughts.
Fallen in love with a painting.

Hannah, age 20


I became a Nun but after 5 years I moved on.
I became a professional Belly Dancer until the knees gave out.
I became a mother and learned to let my child go her own way.
I became an artist who worked with prisoners.
I continue becoming a human being.

Jan, age 68


I co-founded and ran for over thirty years a consulting firm addressing the selection and application of stainless steels for critical applications.
although originally shy about public speaking, I have preached over 25 Sunday sermons at St George's Episcopal Church in York Harbor, I am good at this.
I have participated in two search committees for new rectors at St. George's and served six years on the Standing Committee of the Diocese.
I have been a Red Sox fan since 1963.
I am an excellent cook, particularly for Italian and Mexican cuisine, and do much of the cooking at our house.
I spent a week in New Orleans with the Episcopal clergy of Maine helping to deal with the damage of Katrina.  It was a wonderful experience.

Ralph, age 68   

Monday, June 4, 2012


I spend two years running away from home.
I lost contact with my father in 2010, he lives in Peru.
I secretly wished my mother vanished, her lack of support drained me.
I constructed a list of words turned to poetry, it saved me. 
I lost my cool many times.

Katherine Garcia, age 24


I was born, afraid to die.
I wanted to be loved, I looked everywhere.
I got high, then higher, then higher, and finally hit my low.
I got clean, and scrubbed myself raw.
I learned how to love. but more love myself.

Alex, age 19