Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Intending to climb Mt. St. Helen in Washington State 10 years before it erupted, my boyfriend Jeff and I had stepped off the trail to drink juice, when the biggest rock fell down where we had just been walking. Inside activity or melting snow? It happened around noon, in any case too late for snow climbing.....
Followed my dreams about who I wanted to be, at least regarding spouse, occupations, residence. Perseverance helps....Didn't know the meaning of the words VISION and SPIRITUALITY for a long time, although having been living it all along.
Married my first high school boyfriend pro forma in my mid twenties in order to qualify for a 2 room flat without a proper bathroom - in a slum area. After the divorce it coincidentally  qualified him as well to take over his mother's flat, when she moved into a house. Where are you now, Paul?
Injured a leg just before or during visits to Denmark, Holland, Germany, Australia, and Israel. Still had fun and saw lots of things.
Learned the importance of social skills, intuition, and creativity. Get grandchildren if possible...

Vita, age 65

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